TraitFinder phenotyping digital plant measurements

TraitFinder A digital phenotyping workstation on wheels

TraitFinder is a portable phenotyping workstation that can automate simultaneous experiments in labs, growth chambers, and greenhouses. Measuring a standard size of 2.8 x 0.8 m and adjustable to your needs, TraitFinder conserves space, increases throughput, and maintains high data quality without requiring closed and fixed imaging cabinets.

TraitFinder implements PlantEye, connects with our precision irrigation system, DroughtSpotter, and operates these sensors with either a plant-to-sensor or non-intrusive sensor-to-plant approach. PlantEye calculates 20+ parameters on growth (3D) and physiological (multispectral) traits, while DroughtSpotter and the weather station capture weight and environmental data. With these sensors, you can analyze all data in real time.


The high-quality, insights-rich
data you need to make
confident decisions

Operating our patented PlantEye sensors to scan plants, TraitFinder captures a multitude of reliable and objective data.

With PlantEye, gather high-quality data across many crops & environments

The patented PlantEye technology delivers high quality data independent of the environmental conditions like lighting and humidity.

Swap destructive manual methods for high-quality, automated 3D measurements

Save time by reducing the need for time-consuming manual and visual phenotyping processes. TraitFinder and PlantEye automate the accurate measurement of morphological parameters like 3D leaf area, plant height, and digital biomass.

Unlock powerful physiological parameters by merging 3D vision with multispectral imaging

PlantEye’s patented process combines 3D imaging with multispectral analysis to offer detailed views of plant health and functional traits. Surpassing human visual capabilities, you can obtain key indicators such as color differentiation and NVDI.

20+ digital plant parameters,
enrich research for many applications

With a pre-built image analysis pipeline, you gain data across 20 digital plant parameters in real time. Each is designed to provide unique insights, making our parameters widely applicable to many applications.

Grounded in plant science, our parameters are used by world-renowned organizations

With our digital plant parameters cited in scientific publications across both industry and academia, our clients are equipped to minimize biological variability and study effects with precision.

Learn all about PlantEye F600

TraitFinder is a portable workstation
 for parallel experiments, versatile
 across locations & applications

Save expensive growing space with TraitFinder's small footprint

TraitFinder's compact, lightweight structure can be scaled to fit your walk-in growth chambers and greenhouse compartments. It just needs to be connected to a standard power outlet and network connection.

Roll TraitFinder between growth locations or set up a fully automated stationary workstation

Move TraitFinder to each batch of plants, then place the plants on TraitFinder’s bench, using the grid to position your plants correctly. Alternatively, grow the plants on TraitFinder’s bench to get time-series data fully automated.

Exclude variability by measuring plants in their microclimate

You can also move TraitFinder over your plants, allowing you to scan an entire greenhouse within a few hours semi-automatically. This non-intrusive sensor-to-plant approach keeps plants in their microclimate, eliminating data variability caused by movement-induced stress.

Run multiple experiments in parallel

Setup multiple experiments in HortControl and enable your team to run experiments simultaneously. No need to wait until experiments are done.

Facilitate rapid knowledge transfer in dynamic teams

A plug-and-play system, TraitFinder is easy for anyone to adopt, allowing you to sustain your digital phenotyping capabilities in high-turnover teams. Learn from your colleagues, our step-by-step guides, or our training sessions to start running and analyzing experiments in hours.

Integrate Weather Station to understand the effect of environmental variables

Analyze environmental data coming from Weather Station to gain more insights and explain data abnormalities. For example, check if heat caused stress or explore how vapor pressure deficit affects evapotranspiration rates.

Add DroughtSpotter to enhance abiotic stress research

Integrate DroughtSpotter’s automated precision irrigation and weighing system to improve research on abiotic stress like drought and flooding. Calculate evapotranspiration rates, normalize against 3D leaf area or digital biomass and gain insights in water use efficiency.

Detect effects & anomalies early
with real-time & time-series analysis tools
in HortControl 

Monitor, safeguard & optimize your experiments

Monitor your experiments on HortControl so you’re confident you’re getting the data you need. Spot anomalies and check for treatment effects while your experiment is running, then make any necessary improvements and corrections to safeguard a successful experiment.

Use non-destructive time series to shorten experiments & detect more effects

Detect effects early, shorten experiments, and identify effects that would be missed with simple end-point measurements.

See effects as soon as they happen

No data preparation necessary. Group, filter, aggregate, and normalize genotype and treatment data to easily visualize and detect effects during your experiment.

Access, download, or transfer your data easily

Validate data quality and feed data into your processes easily. Data is stored securely on your device or server and can be downloaded or transferred via API.

Analyze effects, convince stakeholders & engage clients with 3D visualizations

Bring your data to life in 3D visualizations that allow you to understand effects intuitively and demonstrate your findings in presentations.

Learn more about HortControl

Easy implementation,
fast validation & exceptional support


Consultancy & design

Our phenotyping specialists understand your research objectives, and consult you on the best phenotyping tools and strategies to achieve them.

Day 1

Installation & commissioning

TraitFinder is ready to go in 1.5 days.

Day 2 & 3

Onboarding & training

Start analyzing your data on Day 2. We provide 1.5 days of on-site training, including live guidance on your first experiment and demos of our intuitive software.

Day 4+

Ongoing support

Start running experiments and validating your phenotyping processes. Our commitment to your success is ongoing, with on-site and remote support provided by our multidisciplinary team of service engineers, scientists, and technologists.

Request a meeting or consultation

Tell us about your goals and our technical sales experts will explain how TraitFinder and our other tools can help. Reach out today to book a consultation or request a quote.

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